Monday, February 28, 2011

Excuse the mess...

I have re-formatted the pictures on this blog to fit it's new home.  If you want to see a picture full size, you should be able to click on them.  Sorry for the inconvenience, but the new home will be so much better.  :)  I will unveil the new website very, very soon.  

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day - 2011

It was such a busy Valentine's Day this year.  I had been fighting a cold earlier in the week and couldn't work ahead this year.  Sunday morning, I got up super early and got to work.  I had a card to make, bags, brownies, stickers and not a lot of time to accomplish it all.  I was able to get almost all of it done...the homemade brownies had to be sacrificed though.  That was definitely a bummer considering I made super cute bags that said "Homemade Chocolate Brownies."  Oh well...they were homemade by someone...just not me!  :)
If you would like some Valentine inspiration....the brownie bag and fruit stickers are courtesy of Twig & Thistle.   The card is actually an idea for coffee cup wrappers that I found on  There are sooo many fabulous ideas out there if you just look around a bit.

My gift from Jeff this year was a pandora bracelet.  I had heard of these before, but never really knew much about them.  I just love it because it's unique and Jeff picked each charm specifically for a reason.   

Monday, Jeff surprised me by showing up at my work with roses and a balloon!  It was such a pleasant surprise, because I wasn't expecting it at all.  I hope that everyone had lots of fun on Valentine's Day this year and that you got to celebrate it in your own unique way!